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Guy Gone Keto now available on amazon

Get inspired by Thom’s personal keto success story. In his new book, Thom reveals his struggles with his weight and health, and how he overcame his challenges. You’ll also find his best:

  • tips for reading and understanding food labels
  • supportive techniques that will make you feel capable and empowered
  • tasty recipes and easy-to-follow meal plans

Head on over to and grab your copy today!

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where fat is your friend

Keto Life

Formulated specifically for ketogenic, low carb and paleo lifestyles

Healthy Fats

Made with healthy fats from pure MCT Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Slightly sweetened with allulose, stevia and monkfruit—natural non-caloric, non-glycemic sweeteners

Low Carb

Zero or just 1 net gram of carbs per serving


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Guy Gone Keto Ketchup

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Guy Gone Keto Thai Chili Sauce

Guy Gone Keto Steak Sauce

Guy Gone Keto MCT Oil

In partnership with Steviva Brands, Guy Gone Keto introduces KetoseSweet+

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A keto-legal sweetener that won’t knock you out of ketosis!

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In partnership with Steviva, Guy Gone Keto brings you KetoseSweet+, a brand new keto-legal sweetener!


What is KetoseSweet+?

KetoseSweet+ is a safe, non-caloric, non-glycemic sweetener that delivers familiar taste and texture without affecting blood sugar levels or knocking you out of ketosis. It contains allulose—a rare natural sugar found in maple syrup, figs and raisins—that has just 5% of the calories of regular sugar, as well as stevia and monk fruit (2 other non-caloric sweeteners).

KetoseSweet+ is free of strange aftertaste, bitterness, and potential health concerns of artificial sweeteners. It’s safe for anyone following an ultra-low-sugar diet. Plus, allulose has been shown to enhance fat metabolism and it may help with achieving and maintaining healthy body weight.

  • Versatile low-calorie sweetener.
  • Caramelizes and browns just like sugar.
  • Keto and paleo friendly. Diabetic safe.
  • Dissolves easily in hot or cold beverages.
  • Great for cooking and baking.
  • Use just like you would sugar.

Allulose is not metabolized and is nearly calorie-free. The FDA requires allulose to be listed in the sugars section on the nutrition facts panel.

Read more about the many benefits of allulose, and how this unique sweetener can help you curb cravings.



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