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keto spices and herbs

Favorite Seasonings for the Keto Kitchen

Going keto means becoming a very good label reader. No more mindless grabbing of packets and jars of seasonings off of store shelves. Once you start reading labels, you will be shocked at how...

keto chicken batch cooking

5 Ways to Meal Prep for the Keto Diet

If you're used to eating carb-heavy foods, like bread and pasta, or often rely on take-out, it can be challenging to switch to a ketogenic diet plan. Most folks who decide to go keto...

keto coffee with MCT oil

Do You Know Why You Should Be Using MCT Oil?

If you are looking for boundless energy, weight loss, and mental clarity (and who isn't?), putting chunks of butter and a healthy splash of MCT oil into your morning cup of coffee might just...

man meditating

How You Can Start a Meditation Practice Today

When shifting to the ketogenic (keto) lifestyle, many people are discovering that a meditation practice can be a big help in accomplishing their life goals. Meditating is widely recognized as one of the most...