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Keeping it Keto

The Power of Effective Journaling

For those of you that are in my orbit, you know I am a freak for journaling. I have seen journaling make massive shifts in my life from weight loss to mind set journaling has been my friend. I have bought dozens of journals for friends and family. In fact, we even have a Guy Gone Keto journal. I find myself being asked the continual question of where I begin. I have found the best way to begin writing in your journal is to ask a question. It can be any question. You will be surprised by how the words will start flowing onto the page.

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Fat Is Bad and Other Myths About Fat

Looking at all the no-fat and reduced-fat foods in the grocery store, you might think that eating fat is some kind of revolutionary, new concept. But the fact of the matter is that there is nothing “newfangled” about eating foods rich in dietary fats. Humans all over the world evolved eating traditional diets full of naturally occurring animal and plant-based fats. What’s actually “newfangled” is all the processed foods that have had their natural fat content removed and replaced with artificial sweeteners and emulsifiers to give them some flavor back. These kinds of foods have really only been popular since the 1980s, and their popularity depends, in part, on the perpetuation of several myths about fat.

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Favorite Seasonings for the Keto Kitchen

Going keto means becoming a very good label reader. No more mindless grabbing of packets and jars of seasonings off of store shelves. Once you start reading labels, you will be shocked at how many sauces, spice mixes, and other types of seasonings are loaded with added carbs in the form of sugars, starchy fillers, anti-caking agents, and god only knows what else. But this doesn’t mean you now have to eat bland and boring foods—quite the opposite actually! Read on to learn about all the tasty seasonings for the keto kitchen.

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