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Success Stories

Meet Daren: A Success Story

Almost three years ago I reached my heaviest weight of 350 lbs. I was eating anything I wanted because I didn’t know any better. You get into a habit your whole life of sharing things because they make you happy or feel good, but later you don’t feel that great.…

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Meet Mandi: A Success Story

My name is Mandi, I am 35 yrs old. Before keto, I was addicted to sugar, I loved cakes, candy, cookies, anything sweet! I had zero self esteem, couldn’t keep up with my two kids (who were 4 and 2 at the time) and I was generally miserable.…

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Meet Virginia: A Success Story

I have been keto since September 2016. I lost 100 pounds and never plan on putting it back on. Keto has saved my life from a possibility of diabetes, high blood pressure and who knows what other life-threatening diseases. I feel like a whole new person!…

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Meet Nelia: A Success Story

Hi, my name is Nelia and on May 4th of last year (2018) I decided enough was enough! My journey all started when my friend Luciana took several pictures of myself for her school project.

As she showed me the pictures, I knew I was super big and didn’t feel comfortable.…

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Meet Sommer: A Keto Success Story

Urged by my best friend for about 6 months to start keto. I wasn’t in a mindset to make changes even though I was 237 pounds and in pain. My back hurt, I was battling hives and inflammation. 
February 2017, Best friend had me over for dinner and made fathead pizza and something clicked!  I gave up sugar and grains immediately and started losing.…

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Meet Grace Peters: A Keto Success Story


 My name is Grace Peters, and I am a young pastor’s wife from Wisconsin! I consider my life to be very blessed. I grew up in a love-filled home in the deep South, and while we did not have very much money, my mom taught me how to love to cook and how to serve others through cooking.…

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